JMC Environmental Consultants, Inc. (JMC) is a professional environmental consulting and management firm that provides practical and focused technical expertise to assist clients and their legal counsel in meeting the requirements of complex and ever-changing environmental laws and regulations.

We are a dynamic company that understands the sensitive nature of today’s environmental concerns but believes that environmental compliance issues no longer need to be viewed as obstacles to conducting business.  We understand that all of our client’s needs are not the same, and we recognize the importance of designing project solutions to coincide with our client’s business plans and cash flow requirements.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients are provided with real and observed value that is not often associated with environmental issues.  We achieve our goal by developing practical, reliable, and technically sound solutions to our client’s environmental concerns in accordance with defined project objectives.

JMC is committed to responding promptly and professionally and to earning and maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our clients.  We take great pride in our reliability, integrity, our dedication to providing high quality work and service, and the trusted relationships we continue to build with our clients.

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