If contamination is identified at a site, JMC will determine the extent of soil and/or groundwater contamination for purpose of estimating associated cleanup costs.  Our knowledgeable staff provides our clients with liability analysis, human health risks, corrective action procedures, and corrective action costs associated with soil and groundwater contamination issues.

JMC has vast experience with soil boring investigations, monitoring well installation, plume delineation, groundwater modeling, vapor intrusion investigations, ecological evaluations, field sampling procedures and analysis.

JMC Environmental has extensive experience in the turnkey design and implementation of remedial programs for sites where remedial action is required.  Each technical program is designed on a site-specific basis and the remedial strategy depends on the needs and objectives of the client.

Examples of remedial design programs implemented by JMC Environmental include:

  • Soil Excavation and Dewatering
  • Soil & Vapor Extraction
  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
  • In-Situ Biological Treatment
  • Pump-and-Treat Groundwater Systems
  • Natural Attenuation Workplans
  • Establishing Site-Specific Clean-Up Standards and Goals