JMC Environmental has extensive experience in the management and remediation of regulated Underground Storage Tanks (USTs).  We can conduct proper investigations of UST systems to evaluate subsurface conditions at former or existing UST areas.  Leaking USTs can impact both soil and groundwater that come into contact with discharged contaminants.  If a discharge is discovered, JMC can provide a cost effective scope of work to delineate and remediate contamination associated with leaking USTs.

The NJDEP UHOT program allows for the expedited closure of most unregulated, heating oil UST cases with limited NJDEP oversight.  As Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs), JMC is certified to conduct any and all investigation and remediation required to properly close UHOT cases.  JMC can prepare, certify and submit all required UHOT documents and forms in accordance with the requirements of the UHOT program.